Building Extensions in Doncaster

Building extensions are a relatively inexpensive way of increasing the internal space of your property. At John A O’Neill in Doncaster, we can construct a building extension on your property to function in any way you need.

Why have a building Extension in Doncaster?


A building extension can help you to make more of the space available to you on your property. It increases the internal space of your property at the expense of some of your external space. As such, the shape and size of your extension can depend on the space available to you. At John A O’Neill, we can help with the planning of your extension project and construct the building on to your property.


Building extensions can also be tailored to suit the purpose of the new room. Whether you are looking to create a new social and relaxing space, or an area for the kids to play in, an extension can suit whatever need you to have. There are many things that you must consider when undertaking an extension project. First of all, depending on the purpose of the room and amount of space available to you, you will need to decide on how large an extension you want. Furthermore, you will need to consider which way the sun rises and sets in order to install any windows facing this direction to maximise sunlight. There are many more things to think about when undergoing an extension and at John A O’Neill, we can work with you from the planning stage to the final brick.


For more information on the building extensions in Doncaster, give us a call today on 01405812687 or 07860913544, or send us a message through our contact page.